Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Driving force in the lives of many people Essay

Nowadays materialism is a driving force in the lives of many people, motivating them to their achievements as many people argue. Although, it is considered that humans are controlled by their own avarice, I believe that people are simply motivated to achieve by personal satisfaction. As cynical as I am, I do not think that money and fame are a stimulus to people. Rather they accomplish their goals for personal and emotion gain, not physical. When recently learning the topic of motivation in my Psychology class, we discussed what the main driving force is for a person. Though there are many theories arguing the issue, a person can be mostly content when fulfilling a goal for their own personal satisfaction, not for a physical reward. When this subject, I also learned that one’s happiness and self-esteem are one of the major aspects of being a well-balanced person. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes psychological and emotional needs as the highest priority. With this I can conclude that those who strive to achieve goals do it for their own bliss. Money and fame may seem like the a dream come true , but like it is always said, â€Å"money can’t buy you happiness†. There are countless numbers of wealthy people and celebrities who live lavish lives that anyone else would die to have, but they are as miserable and lonely as one can be. I find it beautiful that in today’s society people strive to pursue their own interests without having the end result of money leading their decisions. There is a countless number of underprivileged, even poor artists, journalists, musicians, writers, etc. that enjoy their life fully, waking up every day to go to a job they simply love. Thus, money and fame can never be a satisfying reward without happiness. All in all, in my opinion, people are motivated to achieve by personal satisfaction rather than a physical reward such as money or fame. I consider that contentment is more important than anything to a human being, because fulfilling something for money or fame can lead to disappointment, thus straining ones emotional needs. We ask ourselves: what motivates us, to get up every morning, to go to school, to study, to wear what we wear, to act how we act? We do it basically to satisfy our needs, no to reward us with a prize, but because it is what we want, what makes us happy, and what pleases us emotionally.

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