Friday, February 28, 2020

Study Profolio - 4 topics 2500 words Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Study Profolio - 4 topics 2500 words - Essay Example Without the synthesis, the intentions and visions remain just that. Mintzberg’s Mintzberg’s position adopts an alternative perspective – some may say a searing commentary – of the prevailing management misapplication of what has become a buzzword. Possible motivations aside, the views he expresses are actually pragmatic and constructive. It is true that many companies are run according to â€Å"strategic plans† which, in the end, fail to provide truly concrete directions when seen at the operations level. The down to earth writing style and direct approach of Mintzberg produces the sort of literature that holds the attention of management practitioners on the lookout for fresh theoretical approaches to practical management problems. By drawing attention to the shortcomings of common practice, Mintzberg is able to contribute an added dimension to the link between management theory and practice that would provide real results for the company. 235 As is expected of a textbook chapter, the selection is explanatory and descriptive. The author explains the differences in business strategy based on the position of the firm in the industrial chain and the particular applications that generic strategies bear on the hospitality and tourism business. The definitions cited by the chapter are succinct and focused, as well as the concepts of the level of strategy. One of the novel discussion presented in the text is the approach taken in the various gaps left uncovered by the current business strategy. The concept of gap analysis as presented in the text is an important one. Usually, when business managers come together at a strategic planning session, they approach the coming strategy formulation as if they were facing a clean slate. The emphasis is on the new strategy, new methods, new directions; whereas, little attention is paid to the problems of the past, as to how or where the

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